Ali + Jon // Lovingly Like The Tide // The Chateau Provence, Saint Maximin, Uzes, France Wedding Video

Why did you hire a Professional for your Wedding Video in France?

We want everyone to re live the fun we all had on the day and also the happiness surrounding our wedding. We liked your wedding videos, they weren't too fussy and also not too soppy :) you seem to have captured the others couples days perfectly!
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Chateau Provence Wedding

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Ali - I now have taken over my dads small property business which has been great fun. I am a real food lover and a lover of travel and exploring, I basically wish I could spend my life on holiday! Friends are a big part of our lives and love spending time with them.

Jon - I work in property also but have been doing it since uni. I am also like Ali food and travel are such big parts of our lives we always are trying to plan the next holiday before we are back from the last. I also love playing sport like tennis or going running. Friends and Family are super important to us but also enjoying life and having as much fun as possible.
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The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

We were at Jon's brother in laws Chalet in Chamonix in August last year with his mum, sister and niece and nephew, little did I know he was planning on proposing this weekend. We had got back on Saturday from chilling by this beautiful lake, I without realising had messed up jons plans as I wanted to stay by the lake longer, Jon wanted to take me to this bar up in the mountains so he had to quickly re arrange his plan. We go back to the chalet and got ready and he asked if I wanted to pop out for a drink just the two of us, which of course I wasn't going to turn down.

We found this very french mountain bar and sat outside, the drinks came and he turned and said he wanted to ask me something. I thought he was getting his phone out to show me something to get my opinion but no no it was a ring box. Thats when he asked me and I was completely blown away and surprised to the point I forgot to even say yes :)
The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else? and what experience do you want to give to your guests?
The Chateau Provence in Saint-Maximin is stunning, and a bit different and we just knew when we walked in, I could picture every part of our day there. Just to have the best day and so much fun and laughter and hopefully lots of dancing!