Jo + Jack // Chateau Plombis, Castelsagrat, France

A bit about you two! How did you two first meet?

I used to work at a media agency called Story Lab and Jack used to work at a publisher called Mashable. Jack's job was to sell partnerships to us and so I was one of his clients! He made his first introduction over email and then invited me and my boss to lunch. We went to a little burger restaurant in London and after that Jack started (heavily!!) flirting over email, asking me out for drinks etc.

I was then working on a brief for British Airways and signed off a campaign with Jack. As part of the campaign there was a launch party in San Jose, California so we flew out there together. The flirting continued whilst we were out there and well, the rest is history!

Things moved pretty quickly from then. We got together in May 2016 and I moved into Jacks flat in April 2017. We then moved to our first home together in September 2017. Two months later in November we got our first little fur baby Blue (cat!) followed by our dog Puddle in Jan 2019. Jack then proposed 2 months later!

Tell me about the “spark”....Whats your love story? :)

With all of the COVID restrictions here is a timeline of the past year or so:

26th March 2019: Engagement
4th July 2020: Our original wedding date in France
17th October 2020: Despite France being cancelled we were really keen to tie the knot officially that year. At the time weddings of 30 people were allowed but, two weeks before this got taken down to 15. We still had such an amazing day though and got married in my family Church where my Mum and Dad and Sister and her husband also got married so it meant a lot to us! We were able to have a lovely dinner and celebration at a local pub and then Jack and I spent a few nights at a lovely hotel
5th June 2021: Second France wedding cancelled
25th September 2021: Third time lucky!
The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

We flew to Istanbul for my 29th birthday, we were staying there for a few nights and then going to Cappadocia (to see the hot air balloons!). On our first day we set out to explore; we went to the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazzar then back to our hotel. We had drinks on the rooftop and as the sun was setting Jack went to get his jacket. Little did he know that when he came back up I said I was cold, but as he couldn’t give me his jacket (the ring was inside!), we decided to go back inside. When we were back at the Reception, I needed the loo but couldn’t find a toilet. Jack's back up plan was to take me to a little garden so he wasn’t too impressed when I dragged us both back to the room! When we got back we both used the facilities and when Jack came out I was sitting on the sofa eating some chocolate and that’s when it happened! Jack was hoping to hold out until we got to Cappadocia but couldn’t wait which turned out well as when we got there it was too cold for the hot air balloons and so we never saw them!

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

I work at Wizarding World Digital (Harry Potter!) and Jack works in media. We live with our dog Puddle and cat Blue. We love going for long walks and basically anything to do with eating and drinking!

The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

Chateau Plombis is actually a total surprise and we won’t have seen it until the day before the wedding!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

A good, fun, chilled time!