Emily + Seamus // Chateau Le Mas de Montet, Le Mas de Montet, Petit-Bersac, France

Why do you want a Cinematic Wedding Videographer?

So we can re 'feel' the wedding day from start to finish and capture the special moments and interactions that aren't always there on static camera shots.

Why we booked you for our Cinematic Wedding Film in France…

Really modern style to the videography - felt like more of a short film/ music video when watching them through. Love the drone shots. The use of lighting. Nice and dramatic.

More about our Wedding Video in Le Mas de Montet, France…

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Emily - Head of People Development for Moonpig.
Seamus - Elite coach development for UK Sport.

We spend our days with friends and family, drinking and chatting - very sociable. Love trying new restaurants and bars in London. Also both love exercise and sports - Se used to play professional football and is currently training for an Iron Man in Lisbon in Oct. We love cooking, chilling with our two cats, and generally loving life! Very laid back, and love to have fun. We're also taking a Sabbatical from work in January 2022 to go travelling around the world for 4 months - we're big fans of travelling, experiencing new cultures having both lived abroad before (US & Auz) and travelled around Auz & South East Asia.

The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

Se took me back to Bath (where we met at Uni) to the Castle on the hill where we went the first night we met. Proposed there with views over the city. Then walked up to the Students Union for a Snake Bite!

The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

The beauty of Chateau Le Mas de Montet itself and the greenery of the surroundings - very much encapsulates a French Wedding. And the great pool at the back for the parties of course!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

The best party they've ever been to. Lots of fun, laughter, great drinks, great food, special moments together. It's been a long time coming this wedding so it's going to be great having everyone together at last!!