Alan + Aimee // Broxmouth Courtyard, Broxmouth Park, Dunbar

A bit about you two! How did you two first meet?

Aimee and I pretty much grew up only a few doors apart as her grandparents lived two doors down from my parents house and Aimee was frequently there with her sister throughout their childhoods. Although we saw each other playing in our gardens as we grew up and ended up at a bunch of local events at the same time, we didn't properly meet until 2013 when we were both in separate teams at the Kirriemuir Cancer Research Relay for Life.
Once my friend at the time introduced us we spent the next couple of weeks talking on social media and ended up going on a date. We then started dating not long after.
Although both of us were only in our senior years at High school, I think we both new quite quickly that this wasn't going to be just a short high school relationship and that we were in for something completely different.
So after nine and a half years, multiple adventures around the globe, a house and a dog, here we are, finally getting married.

The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

Proposal planning originally started in 2019 where I spent a few months finding the right jeweller and learning about diamonds. Once I finally found the jeweller, I then reached out to them to go down to London and visit them to pick out a ring. However, COVID then came along and spoiled the plans. At this point the plans were sadly put on pause.
Thankfully during COVID the jeweller started online enquiries and calls to help you find an engagement ring. Once I learned this the plans were resumed and I managed to source the perfect ring.

With the ring ordered, I then faced the biggest challenge of my life so far, keeping a secret from Aimee, something that I had never managed to do before as Aimee knows me so well that she could read me quicker than a book!
Thankfully when the ring came, Aimee was in a work meeting so I managed to get the delivery, look at the ring and get it hidden without her knowing.
Skip forward a few days and all of a sudden I hear Aimee in the cupboard that I had the ring hidden in. I starting panicking and thought that she was about to find it. However I was extremely lucky and she did not come across it.
After the close call, I knew the ring needed a better hiding spot so I then smuggled the ring out the house and drafted my dad to bring in support. I let him in on the secret and then asked for him to hide the ring in his office which he thankfully agreed too.

Now the ring was safe, it was time to wait for the date to pop the question!
Before we got to the day of the proposal, I had one last thing to do. I needed to ask Aimee's dad, Scott, if I could marry his daughter. Thankfully he said yes!

Finally on the 28th of February 2021, it was go time!
I said to Aimee that we should go for a walk with our dog, Peanut, up at Glen Doll. This is one of our favourite walks where we both have fond memories together and from our childhoods.
As we drove up to Glen Doll, I was unbelievably nervous however we got there and set out on the walk. The sun was shining and the conditions couldn't have been better.
When we reached the half way point of the walk, there is a river you can detour off on which takes you out into the middle of a valley. I said to Aimee that we should go along to the Valley and find a nice spot to get a photograph together via my Drone.
Once we walked out and found a nice spot, I got my drone out and set it up to do a nice pan out flying away from us and into the sky and pressed record.
As the drone started filming and took off, I walked over to Aimee, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

After two years since I started planning, a global pandemic and me finally managing to keep a secret from Aimee to give her the surprise of her life, we were finally engaged.

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

What do you do?
Aimee is currently a Renewable Energy Consultant at AECOM and I am an Associate Lead Technical Designer (Game Designer) at Build A Rocket Boy.
Outside her job, Aimee is also currently working her way through her second masters degree. The first of which was in Renewable Energy at Dundee University and the current one being in Business Management at Napier University.

How do we spend our days?
Day to day we both work from home so get to spend a lot of time together. We walk our dog together every lunch time and after work and tend to spend our evenings either playing games (PC, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo etc) or binging a series on Netflix or Alan is usually at the gym or running. At the weekends we like to go on adventures with our dog across Scotland, going to the cinema and finding new restaurants/cafes/food trucks to try!

What is important in life?
Our family and friends are definitely the most important thing to both of us. We live close to both of our parents and our siblings and love spending time with them. We also love traveling and have so many plans for travelling over the next few years now that the world is opening up again after the pandemic.

The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

When we got engaged we spent weeks scouring the internet for the perfect venue. We love spending time outside and Aimee always wanted a wedding that was either outdoors or encorporated the outdoors. We looked at venues where we could get married outdoors but worried about the unpredictable Scottish weather, so we started looking for venues that had orangeries/conservatories etc. Most of these venues were either in the south of England or were in Castles which just didnt fit our aesthetic.
We eventually came across Broxmouth Courtyard and instantly fell in love. At the time the only thing available was renderings of the venues vision so we went to visit the location and fell in love with it even more. It was pretty much a ruin but we could so clearly see how the venue intended to progress and it just felt right. Broxmouth was the only venue we visited in person because we just knew it was meant for us after walking around and talking to the staff about what we wanted our wedding day to be.
The venue has the perfect mix of feeling natural while being contemporary and has gorgeous accommodation for our nearest and dearest to stay on site which is exactly what we wanted.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We want our guests to relax and enjoy themselves while celebrating our special day with us. We hope our family and friends leave the wedding feeling relaxed, engrossed by the romantic but laid-back atmosphere.
We want it to be a wedding they never forget and we have spent a lot of time selecting our vendors to make it a truly special day.

Why did you pick Story Cabin Wedding Films?

Getting a good videographer and photographer was one of the few things Alan really insisted on for the wedding.
This is going to be one of the greatest days of our lives -if not the greatest- and everyone always says it flies by in a blink so we want to make sure it is captured for us to look back on forever.
We know its a day we will want to re-live for the rest of our lives and that there will be countless aspects of it we wish we could have witnessed - whether it be from another persons perspective or just because we were off doing something else and missed it.
Having a wedding video would mean that we could get that opportunity to re-watch our special day and not just from the perspective at which we both saw and experienced it.