GDPR Compliant - Privacy Policy - Story Cabin Wedding Films

Your personal data we collect:

When you first get in touch with Story Cabin, it’s usually via the contact form on our website, via email, or mobile phone. We collect your names, wedding date, venue and how many guests you’re expecting. Closer to the wedding date we often collect the names of people attending your wedding and any contact numbers, should we require them on the day.

All of this is information we need to carry out the job and tasks involved. Sometimes we also connect via FaceTime or Skype for meetings, in which case we have access to each others webcam and those particular contact details too.

Collection and storage of your personal data:

The initial contact form is on our website, where the client once fills out and submits, gets sent to our email inbox. The emails are accessible on our desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. All devices are password protected.

If you make an initial enquiry with us and you don’t go ahead with the booking, then your details are removed from our email/inbox on all devices simultaneously.

Payments to Story Cabin are via bank transfer will show in our business bank account in the normal way.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure:

You have the right to confirmation, access, rectification and erasure of all the above data that we hold on you. For example, if you wish to see the initial contact form you submitted and check it for accuracy, or perhaps following your wedding you’d like to have your details completely removed, then you have that right.

Use of your data:

We will use the above mentioned data to communicate with you about your wedding. Your data is never shared with anyone else.

Occasionally we get asked to submit an editorial for wedding publications. If on these occasions your wedding is chosen to represent our work, your permission will be sought to use your video and a story of your day. Most often they will contact you directly and you can choose what data is shared. Those companies will have their own privacy policy which you can request from them.

Sometimes we enter wedding videos into competitions, this is usually without any input being needed from yourself, but if we win it means your video (mainly the instagram teaser trailer and/or wedding trailer) will be shared across various online platforms. We will always ask your permission to enter your wedding videos into competitions and your acceptance of this would indicate you are also happy for it to be shared in this way.


We will ‘collect’ video footage of yourself, guests and other individuals who attend on the wedding day. We then copy this data and footage to our hard drives on our desktop and laptop computers. All our computers, including tablets and mobile phones are password protected. We use the video footage to edit together the final film. As we currently have team of 3 at Story Cabin, any one of us will have access to this footage. Once your wedding film is edited we will upload to a secure video hosting website called Vimeo. The videos are always password protected unless we share the instagram teaser trailer and/or wedding trailer to the public. When we get enquiries from other couples, they usually want to see our past work/portfolio. We then send them a private link with a password to only view the wedding film, but not allow for downloading.
If you have had a wedding shot by us in the past and no longer want me to share them for any reason, you can simply get in touch to withdraw your permission. When signing our usual contract you will be agreeing to opt-in to all of this. However, if you want to withdraw your consent to this you can simply do so via email, this email will be stored and adhered to. It is perfectly reasonable to want to keep your wedding videos private.

If you would like to ask any questions about any aspect of our privacy policy or the data we store on you then please email us here

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