Elizabeth + Alex // Sherborne Abbey, Abbey Close & North Wootton Farm, Sherborne

Why do you want a Cinematic Wedding Videographer?

To help us remember special memories. Sadly my sister Katie is unable to make it from New Zealand due to travel restrictions so we would love to capture the day for her to enjoy.

Why did you pick Story Cabin Wedding Films?

Our friends Georgie and Will Taylor recommended you and shared their wedding video with us - the footage was fab and just the sort of thing we were after.

Why we booked you for our Cinematic Wedding Film in Sherborne, Dorset…

You guys? ...What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Alex is an arable and beef farmer and I own and manage a restaurant - The Elms Farmhouse Kitchen which I renovated and opened a couple of years ago. In our spare time we both love good food, being outdoors and spending time with our dogs!

The proposal? ...Tell us everything!

It was a Sunday morning and Alex was insistent we were going to take the dogs for a walk around the farm. Little did I know his ulterior motive! We reached his most favourite spot overlooking the farm and I turned around to find him on one knee!

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The Venue/s? ... Why this place above anywhere else?

My family are also farmers - I have grown up and gone to school just outside Sherborne, I had my Christian confirmation service in the Abbey and my Mum is a guardian there, it is a very beautiful building and can comfortably accommodate our large families so it seemed a good choice. The reception is being held at my parents farm (2 miles out of Sherborne) incorporating my Mum's lovely garden and a big old barn in the middle of the yard, we considered having a marquee in a field but felt by using the barn at the farm it would make the reception more unique and special to us.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

The day will be quite a traditional format, I am the first of my siblings to get married and my parents are very excited to host our wedding. We want the day to be relaxed, enjoyable and unique to us. My extended family and friends all love a party and I think everyone will be so excited to get together and have something to celebrate following the pandemic.